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How much do I need to get started with crypto?

A common misconception people have when it comes to cryptocurrencies is that they have to buy one entire cryptocurrency. But this isn’t true. The beautiful thing about cryptocurrencies is that you can buy them in fractions and not as a whole unit (because they are purely digital).

However, in a traditional stock market, you can only buy an entire share. For example, you can buy 1 share of Amazon, but not half a share of Amazon if you wish. This prevents some people from investing in Amazon because they can’t pay $3,200+ USD for 1 Amazon share (price as of March 2022).

Yet some people are turned away from crypto and bitcoin (BTC), specifically, because they look at the price of 1 bitcoin ($51,000 CAD as of March 2022) and think “I can’t afford that!” But that isn’t true because you can buy a fraction of bitcoin. You don’t need a lot of money to get started with crypto.